You’ve decided that now is the time to create a Sigmon Taylor portrait of your family, but have you considered what you are going to do with them?

At Sigmon Taylor Photography, We Begin with the End in Mind. This means, well before your photo session, we have already taken care of everything to ensure that your portrait is exactly how you’ve envisioned.

Do you have the perfect wall in your living room you’ve been wanting to fill? Monica and Michael will create a breathtaking portrait of your family to hang there. Perhaps you’re in a home with limited wall space? We’re happy to help share your family’s story in a custom-designed album that preserves this time in your lives.

All of your unique needs and concerns will be answered in your one-on-one Design Consultation with Monica.


Your one-on-one consultation with Monica is the beginning of your Sigmon Taylor journey to one-of-a-kind portrait art. During your Design Consultation all of the details for your Photo Session will be ironed out.

Questions about clothes? We’ve got you covered.

Looking for a full understanding of the investment you’ll be making? We will lay it all out for you.

Trying to gather your out-of-town family? We’ll use our proven methods to help you round them up for the portrait of your dreams.

Together, we’ll create the most valuable art you’ll ever own.


Get ready for the most fun day of the year!

With over 20 years experience photographing families professionally, Monica and Michael are experts at getting the perfect shot. Gather the family and you can rest assured that we have the rest taken care of.


Monica Sigmon has been professional shooting family portraits in Williamsburg since 2000, and quickly built a successful business with a reputation for excellence and cutting-edge imagery. She has earned the prestigious Craftsman and Master’s Degrees from the Professional Photographers of America, and had the honor of being named Kodak’s Photographer to Watch.

Michael Taylor owned a studio in Pasadena, California for over twenty years, is a past president of the Professional Photographers of America, and has given over 400 seminars including 30 international speaking engagements in Japan, Philippines, Korea, England, Canada, Mexico and Italy. His distinguished portfolio includes portraiture of Gerald Ford, Marlo Thomas, Carol Channing, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Approximately one to two weeks after your Photo Session, you will return to the studio for you Selection Appointment with Monica. This is the time for you to finalize your portrait order, so we highly recommend all decision-makers present. 

Using state-of-the-art software and photos of the walls in your home, Monica will show you portraits scaled onto your walls, ensuring you get portraits which fits your walls perfectly.

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, seeing the portraits you’ve envisioned come to life.


After your selections have been made and your fine art portraits have been finished, it is our pleasure to install your new art.

Let us handle the Installation, and you can relax knowing they’ve been hung properly.




Your portraits are hung with care, and you are loving them more and more each day.

Yet, your children grow and your family changes. Thankfully, Sigmon Taylor portraits are designed to look good now AND travel throughout your home as we add to your family’s art collection over time.

It is Monica and Michael’s greatest pleasure as photographers to watch your family grow through the years and document those special moments.

Welcome to the STP family.