3 Ways to Celebrate Your Senior

It’s here – the Class of 2021’s moment to shine! And as we learned over the last school year, we just don’t know what school and graduation will look like. What we DO know is that graduating from high school is no less of an accomplishment just because their senior year may look a little different than we all expected. Let’s use this opportunity to do what we can to shower them with a little extra love this year! Celebrating them with a portrait session from Sigmon Taylor is a great way to do just that. They’ll get an experience that will make them feel special and that they’ll always remember. You’ll get portraits to display proudly in your home, allowing you to keep your senior close long after they have left home.

Location Portrait Experience

Is your senior fun-loving and partial to the outdoors?  Is there a certain place that is significant to them?  Maybe you’d like to have the feeling of Williamsburg in your portraits.  If so, a Location Senior Experience is the perfect choice.  Take advantage of the beautiful place in which we live, or choose a place that accentuates your senior’s hobby (horses, anyone?).  These relaxed, timeless portraits are always a favorite.  Fall and spring offer gorgeous colors.

Black Label Portrait Experience

Does your senior have a serious side?  Do they have a little fashionista in them?  Is dressing up with hair and makeup one of their fave things to do?  Maybe your senior is super into theater and drama.  Maybe they love to read.  Maybe they love art.  Any and all of these make the Black Label Senior Experience the perfect choice for their portrait session.  It’s a modern take on the classical portrait – sure to please parents and seniors alike.

Personality Portrait Experience

Is there a hobby, sport, or interest that your senior is passionate about?  Something that has helped shape who they are?  Maybe they play a musical instrument.  Avid reader, anyone?  Dance, art, riding, a sport?  All of these work well to add interest to your senior’s portraits, help to honor their commitment over the years, and show another side of their personality.  If there’s something unique to your senior that you’d like to highlight as their high school experience comes to a close, then this is the perfect experience.

So let’s make sure that this senior right of passage is a highlight of your child’s year!  Click the button below to purchase the Experience of your choice and we’ll give you a call to get started. (Not sure which one to choose? No problem, we can make a change when we meet together for your Design Consultation.)

Also, from now until August 15, purchase any Senior Experience and we will gift you a Family Portrait Session (value $500) to be used anytime between now and July 31, 2021. We strongly believe that your child’s senior year is the perfect time for a family portrait.  The dynamic of your family is about to change and a portrait to celebrate this incredible accomplishment is so special. In addition, you’ll be given first access to our calendar so you can be sure to secure a day/time that works best for your family.

* Because we’re not sure what will happen with Coronavirus during flu season, we are preparing to have a shorter window for fall sessions than in normal years. Purchasing your Experience now will ensure that you are prioritized on our schedule.

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