Why would you want to look like everyone else?
Commercial Photography with Cadillac Group
Michael Hudgins (Vice President), Aris Hudgins (Marketing Director), and Art Hudgins (Dealer and President)

Let’s be honest.  Most people dread walking into a car dealership…the pressure, the poker face, the back-and-forth that seems to take forever and you’re never really sure if you walked out of there with the best deal.  Luckily, we have a dealership right here in Williamsburg, VA that delivers a completely different experience.  We’ve been buying cars from Clint Payne at Holiday Chevrolet Cadillac for 15 years.  Each time we’re there, we catch up, we laugh, and we end up with a vehicle we are over-the-moon happy with.


We’ve also been doing commercial photography for the dealership for several years.  Everything from group shots of the different departments, to individual headshots for business cards and notecards which we have specifically designed for them.  We absolutely love it when a client lets us be creative. Aris, their Marketing Director, always gives us a general idea of what she wants, and then lets us do our thing.  This was the case again this week when we were asked to photograph the new Cadillac team for some new marketing they are doing called Project Pinnacle.  We wanted an image that was unlike anything we have seen other dealerships do; something that would show their team was a cut above; first class.  We posed them differently (making sure to flatter everyone), and lit them more cinematically (six lights spread throughout the scene)…and we all loved the results!  You would never know we were working with a heat index of 112 degrees and racing against an incoming thunderstorm!


PS…We should take just a second here to mention the new line of Cadillacs coming out…wow!  We were so impressed with all of the technological advances and the new body styles…we couldn’t resist and ended up coming home with a gorgeous new XT5.  Believe me, this ain’t your grandpa’s Cadillac!  Go check it out for yourself…ask for Clint and tell him we sent you!

Our philosophy at Sigmon Taylor Photography

We understand the importance of standing out from the crowd and differentiating yourself from your competition.

The Cadillac team at Holiday Chevrolet Cadillac