Creating a portrait in the space that is the heart of your family, and means the most to you and yours, is always a great idea. Clients sometimes wonder whether their home would make a suitable backdrop, but you’d be surprised how much potential we can see that you might not be able to imagine. Often, we only need a tiny vignette to create something truly special and unique.


P.S. We’re excellent at moving furniture around to set the perfect scene, and we promise we’ll put it back!

behind the scenes photographer photographing at home patio Newport News Virginia

Our Process Includes

  • A picture is a picture is a picture, but a great portrait, well that is pure magic. Monica and Michael create magic in each portrait they take.  They find just the right lighting or the perfect background. They see what the rest of us cannot see. Monica and Michael have photographed my family for the past eight years and I fully expect they will chronicle the Bledsoe household in the future. A picture is a picture is a picture, but I prefer the magic Michael and Monica create.

    Robin Bledsoe
    happy client for more than 8 years
  • I first met Monica at a special event that Sigmon Taylor Photography was doing to raise money for the Norfolk SPCA.  Her work was absolutely gorgeous, like nothing I had ever encountered.  My pups have had sessions with Michael and her multiple times over the last 4 years, and every time I am in awe of the outcome.  They both have amazing skill with the camera and an incredible knowledge of photography so that the result is a quality that is simply unparalleled.  I don’t hesitate to drive over an hour to Williamsburg to use their studio. Their professionalism and philanthropy toward animals has made me a client for life.

    Pet Photography
    Tracey Shaffer
    Mama of 4 adorable cavaliers
  • Whether you are seeking an heirloom quality portrait of your family and/or pets, or to promote your business, Monica Sigmon and Michael Taylor are hands down the best of the best. Combining technical precision, creativity, an artist’s eye and state-of-the-art technology, Monica and Michael’s approach is relaxed and upbeat, capturing the true essence and spirit of their clients. The pictures they have taken of our family, grandparents and dogs over the last 15+ years are works of art that decorate the walls throughout our home. Williamsburg is indeed fortunate to have these two talented, nationally recognized professionals who give so much back to their clients and our community!

    White Family Photography
    Liz White
    happy client of over 15 years